About Super Kidz

Superkidz is a Landmark Group initiative, dedicated to spreading the message of eating healthy and getting active in a fun and engaging way.

As retailers we cater to millions of families and children across the Middle East. Some of our most loved brands are – Centrepoint, Babyshop, Shoemart, Splash, Lifestyle, Iconic, Sportsone, Max, Shoexpress, Home Centre, Home Box and Emax amongst others.

Having the opportunity to touch so many lives, we are in the unique position to engage our customers and make a real difference. It was under this thought that the “Beat Diabetes” program was launched in 2009.

Type 2 diabetes is a condition often caused by poor lifestyle choices and is growing rapidly across the world. Through the Beat Diabetes program, we encourage the community to take three simple steps – Take the Test, Eat Healthy, Get Active to Beat Diabetes. Fun and engaging events are organized year-round both offline and online to spread this message. Visit www.beatdiabetes.me for more information on our events and activities.

The Superkidz initiative is an extension of the Beat Diabetes program. It focuses on encouraging kids to form healthy lifestyle habits. Research shows that habits formed at a young age are likely to stay with us as we grow up, and childhood is the best time to develop active and healthy behavior.

We hope that our comic book heroes – Super Sam and Super Sara, inspire you to take a pledge to spend more time playing sport, getting active, running, exercising and eating lots of veggies and fruits. Download our comic books today here.

We at Landmark Group love being a part of your lives. To know more about us visit www.landmarkgroup.com or check out our ecommerce site www.landmarkshops.com


Super Sam is a 9 year old Super Kid! He loves swimming and football and is even the school sports captain! When Sam’s not playing sports he loves solving crossword puzzles. His favorite food is wheat pancakes with honey. His superpowers include incredible strength and zippy speed.


Tennis, dancing, reading and solving math equations are some of the things that 8 year old, Super Sara is excellent at. Besides these activities she also enjoys baking oatmeal cookies with her mom and is the school's pole vault champion. Her superpowers include good memory and eagle eyes.